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Generations of Chinese Teaching in Birmingham

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The School

School Governors

Chair : Mr. Wellington Yau

Executive Governors                              Non-Executive Governors

1. Mrs. Wendy Choi                                     1. Councillor Alex Yip

2.  Mr. John Soong                                      2. Dr. Soong Loy Yap

3.  Mr. Wai Wong Cheung                          3. Mr Kin Bong Lam

4.  Mr. Kwai Ping Choi

5. Ms. Sandy Or

6. Mr. Tom Li

7.Mr. Simon Tang

8.Mr. King Foo Chan

9 . Mr. James Wong

10. Mr. Stephen Yip

Honorary Governors
Mrs. Shuk Ying Fung
Mr. Kun Ching Ko
Mr. Mau Hing Cheung

Executive Members

Chancellor: Tom Li 0781 5139222

Head Teacher:  John Soong 0777 1733826

Deputy Head Teacher:  Wendy Choi 0772 3351356

Treasurer:  King Foo Chan 0776 2547759

Admin officer: Sandy Or 0776 7721578

Administrator:  Li  Hua Xing 0782 5346099

Administrator:  Sam Lee 07450 661118

Administrator: Jack Zhang 07795 368674




  1. yu jun long

    Hellow,my name is yu jun long.I am an interenational student.I will go to BCU to study the last twoy ears in Agust.Can I join the club

    • admin

      Hi, Just so you know, this is a chinese school for students wishing to learn cantonese or mandarin. If you are looking for badminton clubs I can direct you else where. Thanks for your interest

  2. karen hopkins

    What the youngest admission age you can take on to learn mandarin?

    • admin

      For Cantonese the youngest age is 5. Thank you for your interest, Student enrollment is this Sunday 1pm.

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