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Overseas Chinese Association School – Birmingham

Registered Charity Number: 512882

Overseas Chinese Association School(OCAS) established in 1965, is a non-profit Charity registered school , offering high quality Chinese Lessons to students in Birmingham. We teach both Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese.

We currently have approximately 500 students and we proudly hold lessons every Sunday during normal academic term time at Queensbridge School located in Moseley Birmingham.

Our aim is to teach Chinese language and  increase Chinese cultural awareness for the new generation  of UK.  Teaching them not only Chinese, but also showing them the great Chinese heritage from which they come from, instilling in them our values, traditions and beliefs.

By planting the seeds of our heritage in the next generation, we can ensure that our traditions will survive as the torch is passed on to the future.




  1. Muii tang

    Hi I would like to enquire about fees for the Chinese school please.

  2. Beinan

    Hello, I am a researcher from University of Birmingham, and currently I am doing an experiment with bilingual speakers. I am targeting at bilingual speakers who have high proficiency at both English and Chinese. I think in your school, there might be lots of ideal candidates. Is it possible that you leave a email address and I will send you details of my experiment, and see if there is any chance of cooperation? Thank you very much for your attention.

    • admin

      It sounds like a very interesting proposal. We welcome to hear further details where I can put it forward to the governors for discussion. Looking forward to your reply.

  3. See Ling

    hi there,
    my son will be five on November. I would like to enrol him to the Chinese (mandarin class) can I do it now?

    • admin

      Hi Thanks for your enquiry,

      Please fill in your details on the application form you can find here and I will get the headteacher to contact you.


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